“Pamara has been instrumental inconstructively synthesizing how I mayshow up as an education leader. Even in my doubts, she’s amplified my strengths. She’s illuminated ways in which I canmore my career forward withoutsacrificing my quality of life as a leader.” 

Dr. D ConquitttDean of College & Post Secondary Success

 “When I first met Mrs. Sanders, I knew that she was a dynamiceducator who had everyone’s best interests at heart. Mrs.Sanders is a loyal, dependable, and reliable leader whosupported both my personal and professional growth. I stronglybelieve that my success was just as important as the success ofthe school. Therefore, I am grateful for all the knowledge,guidance and positive support that Mrs. Sanders provided to meas a school leader”. 

J GagnonPrincipal

“Working with Pamara the last 5 years has helped medevelop as an educator and administrator. She has pushedme to receive critical feedback that benefits and impactsthe work I do and the students and staff I service. Herleadership style has encouraged me to shift carryingweight on my shoulders and learning to delegate andbuild up leaders on my team so that they can grow as Igrow. She is great at what she does and it was amazingto be mentored and receive her consulting services”.

J BrooksAssistant Principal